6 Up-and-Coming Startups Innovating the Oil and Gas Industry

While the oil and gas industry is slowly recovering from an economic downturn (deloitte.com/us/en/pages/energy-and-resources/articles/oil-and-gas-industry-outlook.html), one sector seeing increasing activity is the startup sector within the O & G industry. Whether you are in the refinery, exploration, or transportation sector, there are startup companies being developed to address the needs of your industry. Entrepreneurs are building platforms and products to do everything from help you uncover leaks faster to manage your supply chain needs. If you want a sneak peek at the innovation happening within your industry, check out the following six up-and-coming oil and gas industry startups.


eKorral offers a one-stop-shop for oil and gas companies looking for reputable suppliers. Their easy-to-use platform makes it easy to find everything from industry-compliant suppliers to appropriately insured contractors. Manage all of your supply chain needs from your eKorral dashboard and track incoming project bids, outstanding RFPs (request for proposal), and payments due on invoices. If you’re looking for a tool that lets you procure and pay for all your supply chain needs, investigate eKorral’s search engine for your oil and gas business.



Distran offers hand-held ultrasound machines for leak detection. Your oil and gas personnel can detect anything from gas leaks to electrical discharges with their Distran device. Users can scan an area, instantly visualize leaks via the Distran camera, and document their finds. If you want to increase your team’s productivity while keeping employees safe at the same time, check to see whether Distran’s leak detection devices might work for your oil and gas operation.



Expedi offers oil and gas equipment procurement as a service. Whether you need mud pumps, blowout preventing tools, shale shakers, or centrifugal pump bearings, Expedi can connect you with the equipment you need. Maximize the efficiency of your drilling operation by having 24/7 access to on-demand equipment. Expedi offers interactive schematics, trained product selection experts, and custom spending reports too.


OQ Technology

OQ Technology is developing IoT analytics for use in multiple industries, including the oil and gas industry. Manage everything from your remote assets to your mobile assets and track your property across your entire organization. From your mobile fleets to your gas pumps and oil rigs, connect your assets to the internet and monitor them in real time. IoT for the oil and gas industry is happening; OQ Technology lets you become an early adopter.



Oilwork provides a job listing aggregator for those in the oil and gas industry. Find jobs based upon your location or your employment background. Find down-hole jobs, sub-sea jobs, offshore employment postings, and even oil and gas management positions. If you work in the oil and gas industry, you owe it to yourself to add Oilwork to your browser’s bookmark folder.



Currently in stealth mode, GeoNLP is developing a geoscience discovery interface. Once publicly available, GeoNLP will allow users to apply machine-learning technology to mineral discovery and geologic structure analysis. If you’re working in the oil and gas industry, set yourself a Google Alert for when GeoNLP comes out of stealth mode.

These six startups are but a tiny sampling of the innovation happening within the oil and gas sector. Technology is allowing entrepreneurs to create a host of tools specifically for the oil and gas sector. The sooner you discover startups like these, the sooner you can put their products and services to work for your business. Will you be investigating any of these startups for your petroleum company?