Mergers, Acquisition and Project Financing

Mergers, Acquisition and Project Finance

When you’re considering a merger, acquisition, or raising project finance for a range of purposes within the oil and gas sector, our services can help you manage risk, understand the market, and complete the necessary due diligence. Our industry experience and knowledge of investing in a refinery, petrochemical facility, gas processing plant, or electrical production facility means we have the insights you need to ensure your investment is worthwhile.

We’ll provide you with the reliable data and information you need before making your decision, ensuring we deliver the best results for your business every time.

Due Diligence and Asset Management

When you’re considering investing in an oil and gas facility, undertaking due diligence is a vital step. It helps to give your investors, stakeholders and other interested parties the assurances that they need.

If you’re considering acquiring new assets or merging with another company, our due diligence services will identify business risks through a comprehensive review. It enables you to understand how the investment could impact on your business performance, ensuring you’re able to take steps to mitigate the risks as much as possible. Our extensive asset assessment will look at both business operations, from assessing the financial model to environmental compliance, and physical assets to give you a complete picture of your potential investment. Armed with the key information, you’ll be able to make a more informed decision.

Market, Technical, and Risk Advisor

Investing in new assets is no easy decision but our industry insights and analysis skills can help make it easier for you. Acting as an independent advisor for your business, we can help you understand the market, technical points, and risks associated with your potential merger, acquisitions, or project.

We provide you with the high level data and intelligence you need in order to assess the advantages and challenges of each investment opportunity. With our support, you can minimise risk and understand which opportunities hold the most potential for your business.

Investment and Business Risk Management

Weighing up investment potential with the risks can be a time consuming and complex task. Our committed service makes it easier for you. Backed by industry leading experience, we have the skills to deliver in-depth analysis and insight around your project. With our expertise your can effectively manage the level of hazards that your business and project is exposed to, taking steps to mitigate potential risks where necessary. We give you the tools to create stability and reliability even as you grow and invest.

For more information please get in touch

We provide support to businesses worldwide, we look forward to discussing your next project.

For more information please get in touch

We provide support to businesses worldwide, we look forward to discussing your next project.